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We serve small Nonprofits 501(c)(3)

Our Story: The CEO of the NPO AUTHORITY didn’t start out his career as a development officer. He was a financial advisor who specialized in Estate Planning. In 2009 Mr. Slouck found out he had Lyme disease and his health took a turn for the worst. After a few years, he recovered from Lyme disease and with his new-found health became very active in the Lyme community, raising awareness and much needed funds for nonprofits and individual families stricken with the disease.

about1While working these organizations to raise money Mr. Slouck realized that most if not all the nonprofit sector did not work like the financial industry that he was accustomed to. In the financial industry, every advisor has at least 4-10 different software packages to help them analyze not only the financial market but the individual perspective clients themselves.

It was imperative to know who your 2 o’clock appointment was before the actual appointment, that way you could easily build report and start a relationship with the individual.

When Mr. Slouck asked the nonprofit who is this person we are trying to receive a donation from they would said “his son has Lyme and we think he would give to us because of his son.”

Patrick: Ok that make sense does he have any money, what kind of donation can he give?

NONPROFIT:  We don’t know we googled him, it seems he works for a large spice company McCormick to be exact and he lives in Maryland, it looks like he has a high up job so he probably makes $100,000 a year.

Patrick: let’s give him a call

NONPROFIT: We don’t have his number

Patrick: OK, what do we have? Do we have his address, do we know anyone he knows, Can we get his number should we call his job and ask for him? How much do we think we should ask for? Does the guy play golf or anything, can we meet him and his son…..Do they know about our organization????

NONPROFIT:  I am not sure if he knows about us…..most people don’t know about us. But they like us when they find out what we are doing for Lyme……..But we have no idea about how much to ask for, I was thinking $500.00

Patrick: so you don’t have a machine or software that will do this for you ???

NONPROFIT: No, they cost too much

Patrick Ok so the tools exists on the planet but you won’t make the investment ….correct?

NONPROFIT: Correct, we don’t have the budget

Patrick: But they pay you correct, they have the money to pay you …….I would imagine you make 35,000 a year …………..How much do this tools cost? Like $25,000 or something.

NONPROFIT They cost in the neighborhood of $3,000 per year.

Patrick: Well, if the organization won’t invest $3,000 to help you do your job, that pays you thirty to forty thousand per year, how are they going to afford you …..the math doesn’t add up.

about2NONPROFIT: You are correct they are planning to let me go, we are just  too small to have a full time development officer and they won’t spend the money to find donors so we just have to work harder, and there is only so much information I can find on these people.

Patrick : OK, so I am here to help you raise money for Lyme disease ….we get that I’m running a Triathlon to raise awareness and raise funds ……If I raise the three to five thousand dollars from my friends and Lyme community that I know ……Help me out here, what’s the point of giving you the money ………It just seems like it will pay a light bill, some rent and maybe a salary…..but you will be in the same position you were in when I met you, still digging ditches with no shovel…….I mean you need a tool to dig a ditch……..you need a fish finder to catch a fish………….you guys need a donor tool.

If I raise the money for you it won’t be going to the light bill I will buy you the tool …. that’s how I am willing to help you…. does that make sense?


 NONPROFIT: Yeah, we would love a tool

Patrick: Give me the names of these software companies and I will contact them.

So they gave Mr. Slouck a few names of companies that specialize in the wealth regarding donors, it just so happens that one of the companies mentioned Mr. Slouck’s best man at his wedding worked for them.

He Contacted his friend and found out that his friend worked for a wealth and philanthropy screening company. “I thought you sold software for universities and stuff” Patrick said.

“I do but it’s for non-profits” his friend replied

Patrick: ok ……..so I have a problem let’s see if you can help me.

Patrick: I am trying to reach a man whose son has lyme disease

Friend: what’s his name, does he live in MD

Patrick gave him the name and yes he’s in MD

Friend: Ok so your donor lives at such and such address he owns a $780,000 home he is married to a woman named Julie he has gifted 27 charitable donations for as total of $95,000, he has made 9 political donations, he sits on the board at McCormick Foundation, he has several businesses and his home phone number is 410 555 1212 and his email address is this, he likes to golf and it seems he has a boat ……the boat is named Never In My Lifetime, it’s a 42 ft boat.  It looks like his Kids go to Gilman High School and he’s an alumni of Maryland.

My software is telling me you should ask this guy for a $25,000 gift and in a capital campaign you could ask for 100,000 over 5-10 years.

Patrick: How do you know all that ….that’s scary is this for real?

Friend: yeah, it’s all for real …..it’s all public info but you would need about $80,000.00 worth of software and subscriptions to about 50 different data bases that cover about 600 million records each in like 4 seconds.

Patrick: Ok so that costs about $10.00 dollars per lead minimum right?

Friend:  Try .20 cents

Patrick OHHHHH my God so you must sell this like bottled water.

Friend: Well, it sells just fine to larger shops but the smaller shops it’s almost impossible. The larger shops have a large donor base like 50 thousand donors and they can afford $10,000 dollars to find out what their donors are doing behind their back to other organizations but the smaller shops don’t have the budget. So the small stay small and the big get bigger. If the smaller shops invested in a tool they would grow and they would become a bigger shop but 75% of the smaller shops stay small

Patrick so what is your average sale size?

Friend: a big sale is like $30,000 dollars that’s a nice sale a small sale is like $3,000 dollars. My average is about $4,800.00

Patrick became so enamored with the software that he became a consultant for the company and began working with nonprofits assisting them much like a financial advisor would assist a client, navigating through an ocean of investment strategies, Mr. Slouck would consult with nonprofits. helping them find acres and acres of diamonds in their back yard.

The company Mr. Slouck worked for was DonorSearch.

While working for the company and speaking to thousands of development officers. Mr. Slouck found a pattern and because of his Financial background he was very good at finding patterns……then “fixing the problem”


So this is the pattern he found

  1. The small nonprofit hires an individual to find donors or find bigger/better gifts inside the current donor base.
  2. The smaller nonprofit does not invest in a $3,000 wealth and philanthropy tool regardless of who the company is and if they do its not consistent, it’s more like once every five years.
  3. The average employment term of a development officer is 14 months in the United States.
  4. The reason they are fired or they stop working for the nonprofit is simple the nonprofit refused to invest in a philanthropic – prospect generation software.
  5. The conversation pattern sounded like this “I need a tool to do my job……..I hired you as the tool to get us donors, you are the tool…………yeah but I need a tool to do my job……you are the tool……..do your job better.” The cycle last 14 months’ total.

So the pattern that MR. Slouck was finding was crystal clear The smaller non-profit could not afford a $3,000 tool and 75% of the market place was a smaller non-profit.


Mr. Slouck decided that the market place needed a “Digital Consultant” a tool that development officers could accurately determine which prospects are more likely to give in the future and give more.

Mr. Slouck found that 75% of the small nonprofits had less than1,000 donors The other problem was there was not one company that had a wealth and philanthropy screening tool under $2,800 for an annual subscription.


After many years of watching good development officers get fired day after day after day Mr. Slouck had enough of good people being fired from good jobs because of a simple problem with a simple solution.

So Mr. Slouck Partnered with DonorSearch and brought to market in conjunction with the NPO AUTHORITY a wealth and philanthropy screening tool for as low as $90.00 dollars per month.

The NPO AUTHORITY believes the price should be so affordable that development officers could afford to purchase the tool themselves. The average phone bill is $120.00 per month the average cable bill is $160.00 per month the cost to be a better nonprofit, is as low as $90.00 per month.

What’s included


  • Ability to query and sort 1,000 donors in a batch screening: results based on multiple data sets, including: ratings, state, giving capacity, wealth capacity, real estate, customized user fields, giving categories, and more.
  • Donors’ charitable gifts to other nonprofits will be sorted and organized by the nonprofit description type. Graphical representations are presented in detailed profiles.
  • Relationship score for each prospect.
  • Analytics and rankings are included for each prospect including an annual gift score, planned gift score, and major gift score.
  • Editable and detailed profiles are included with the option for user customization.
  • Capacity estimates based on giving and wealth components are included for each prospect.
  • Free training/reference manuals.

Batch Screening:

  • One-click detailed profiles for all records.
  • In-depth philanthropy and wealth analytics to identify propensity and capacity to give.
  • Secure delivery of results via ONLINE TOOL.